The Tampa Garden Club began in 1927 with 4 small groups called garden circles. On January 31, 1928 at the home of Mrs. Sheldon Stringer, president of Founders Garden Circle, they formed the Tampa Federation of Garden Club Circles and soon joined the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs.

The Garden Club’s first club house was located at the intersection of Platt Street and Bayshore Boulevard. In 1948, that original club house was sold and another one was purchased further down Bayshore Blvd. Fifteen years later, the small house was demolished to make room for our present building. The new club house, first occupied in 1969, became the talk of the town. Soon thereafter, the adjoining property was obtained to make room for the Club’s spacious lawn and gardens.

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From the outset in 1928, members of the TGC have shared a love of gardening. They also sought a more beautiful and “joyous” place to live. Garden Circles, both old and new, have come together to coordinate efforts, pool resources, and work with a singular vision: to preserve and protect our natural resources. Today, a great number of small beautification projects and school gardens can be attributed to the hard work of Tampa Garden Club members.

Garden Club members possess a keen sense for floral artistry. As part of being service-minded, the TGC has hosted three State Flower Shows and orchestrates an annual Flower and Horticultural Show. Many of our members are master gardeners, landscape architects and professional floral designers, but the bulk of our membership consists of people who appreciate our goals, our educational opportunities, as well as the social interaction afforded by many members. The TGC remains a vital and relevant institution here in the Tampa Bay area.

As we approach a century of community involvement, we are even more energized to inspire the next generation of garden lovers. Our vision remains the same today and our goals are deeply rooted on the Tampa Bay area. We welcome you to join us as we celebrate the beauty of this earth.