Wednesday, June 28, 10:00 to noon  For registration go to: summer fun series.

Program: Tilandsia Mounting and Petite Floral Designs – 

The leader is Kathy Echevarria.

Meet our newest member, Leona Immenhausen (last year’s GreenFest Vendor Chairman). She and 7 other ladies enjoyed Kathy’s class today.  Her tillandsia wreath is shown.

Thursday, July 6, 10:00 to noon

Program: What do I do with my Grocery store flowers?  Bring your tools, limited to 25 participants, no charge.  The leader is Casie Holloway.

Wednesday,  August 9,10:00 to noon

Program: Rustic Floral Design for any season.  Bring 3 identical tall, narrow containers, approx 8-12″ tall, with a one inch opening at top. open enrollment, no charge.  The leader is Kathy Echevarria.