Creations from Fun With Flowers 

Members and non-members of TGC enjoyed socializing and creating together at the three “Fun With Flowers” classes offered this summer.  All it took is imagination, dried leaves and seeds, and perfect instructors to get stated.  Thanks to  Kathy Echeverria and Casie Holloway!

In the class on August 9: Rustic floral design, taught by Kathy Echevarria, each of the 20 attendees brought 3 matching small vases.  Here are a couple of the designs created.


New Floral Design Classes this fall

Classes are from 10AM until 1:30PM.  Bring your design tool box, a container, pin holder, and your lunch.  Beverages will be provided.

Fall Tuesday classes ($45 for the three)
Session One Oct. 31 Carol Lucia – Review of Units 1-6 in Basic Design plus “Florida Design”
Session Two Nov. 7 Bess Treadwell – Horizontal Designs including the new low profile design.
Session Three Nov. 14 Jan Griffin – Grouped Mass Design – A design with an emphasis on one plant species.




January 18, 2017, Tampa Garden Club hosted District VIII for its Horticulture Extravaganza. Thanks Barb Jacobson (district president), Jan Griffin, Pat Strawn, and Kitty Wallace for organizing this event. Speakers Phil Elting (tillandsias), a representative for Kessler’s Cacti (Haworthia, Gasteria and Aloe), and Julie Lohoefener (Fairy Gardens).  Each speaker had discussed plants for sale.  Thanks to Diane Patterson for organizing the delicious lunch from Inside the Box, lunch. At $15.00/person this was a deal!