There was a lot learned and shared at the Spring FFGC meeting in Orlando, May 10-13,2017.  Diana Sullivan and Sharon Cooper were part of the awards program, showing off their dancing skills.  Kitty was awarded a top award as ‘Inspired Gardener of the Year’ and Tampa Garden Club received many awards.  Kathy Echevarria and Kitty Wallace will be representing us at the National Convention the week of the 20th.






After seeing the pictures of the topiaries in Director Joe Parr’s program this spring and seeing up close the fabulous flamingo topiaries loaned by Busch Gardens for our Flower show, there was a lot of interest in a tour of the gardens.   Almost 35 of our members joined Village Garden Circle on May 9th for the Topiary Tour at Busch Gardens, led by Horticulture Director Joe Parr.  We are hoping to return for the next set of topiaries placed for the winter holiday season.  Thank you Rhonda for your superb organizing of this day!




Old Fashioned took a tour of Sunken Gardens in April and saw the fabulous specimen varieties they have.  Fun times with friends!



Founders Garden Circle has been working many weeks on our Rubideaux entrance:weeding, new irrigation, lighting on the trees and the entry wall and now the signage and painting to do.  It will be such a wonderful asset for our entrance.  Thank you Founders.

Work on Rubideaux St. entrance

Shooting Star Clerodendrum













Village Garden Circle is growing by leaps and bounds with wonderful volunteers and interested members.  Pictures below are from their February meeting.