Flower Show and Floral Design

The Tampa Garden Club hosts a Flower Show each year to provide members an opportunity to display their prized horticulture and stunning floral designs.  This is the largest flower show we have had in several years, filling our ballroom and conservatory.  We want all to take part!

For information please contact Pam Slagg at pamslagg@hotmail.com or Kitty Wallace at kittwal@aol.com.  The next flower show is planned for April 7-9, 2017, with the theme ‘Paradise Found’.

The purpose of a Standard Flower Show is:

  • To educate club members and viewing public,
  • To stimulate interest in horticulture,
  • To provide an outlet for creative expression,
  • And to convey to the community the objectives of National Garden Clubs, Inc.


Horticultural Entry Flower Show Form 2017

Design entry Paradise Found

The public is invited to attend the Tampa Garden Club flower show.  Free admission – free parking, April 8 and 9 from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Floral Design Classes

Over 6 weeks in September and October, ladies met at Tampa Garden Club for classes on floral design, Unit 1.  They learned

  • basic tools and mechanics of flower arranging
  • components of a design
  • types of containers
  • basic forms of plant materials
  • an overview of vertical, asymmetrical, and crescent designs

Those completing all classes received a certificate.  Congratulations to Ruth Giordano (Azalea), Alice Prive, Diane Patterson, Beverly Owen, Steffie Hoff, and Linda Cameron (Old Fashioned), Izbel Dobrov (Rose), Ursula Schultz (TNC), Jeanne Manning (New Port Richey GC), Rosemary Nagy (New Port Richey GC), (Old Fashioned), Nancy Schneider & Carolyn Lowry-Nation (Garden Club Out East-Lakewood Ranch),

Congratulations to those who completed the course.

Advanced Floral Design Series 2017

This course was well attended, especially by our own budding floral arrangers and future judges.  We are so proud of the time, effort, and success of these members.  Pictures of the classes on January 17, 24, and 31 will soon be up on the website.  A special thank you to Course Chairman—Kathy Echevarria and her teachers.  The students learned:

  • care, cutting and grooming of plant materials
  • mechanics for different containers
  • elements of design
  • an overview of symmetrical, asymmetrical, and diagonal designs


Fun With Flowers

Members and non-members of TGC enjoyed socializing and creating together at the 3 “Fun With Flowers” classes offered this summer.  All it takes is imagination, dried leaves and seeds, and perfect instructors to get stated.  Thanks to  Kathy Echeverria and Casie Holloway!




Pam Slagg, Judy Nero and another creating.

Pam Slagg, Judy Nero and another creating.

Kitty Wallace and Joyce Haley take the Fun With Flowers Class

Kitty Wallace and Joyce Haley take the Fun With Flowers Class

Casie Holloway in the center.

Casie Holloway in the center.



January 18, 2017, Tampa Garden Club hosted District VIII for its Horticulture Extravaganza. Thanks Barb Jacobson (district president), Jan Griffin, Pat Strawn, and Kitty Wallace for organizing this event. Speakers Phil Elting (tillandsias), a representative for Kessler’s Cacti (Haworthia, Gasteria and Aloe), and Julie Lohoefener (Fairy Gardens).  Each speaker had discussed plants for sale.  Thanks to Diane Patterson for organizing the delicious lunch from Inside the Box, lunch. At $15.00/person this was a deal!